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Flying Category


The first throw in teepad demands a disc with high penetrability and endurance, named Fairway Driver or Distance Driver. This type of disc has a sharp edge, main function is to fly a long distance and reach out the target with one throw.


At the middile range of track, more precise propel is demanded. Mid-length(about30-80 meter) throw is the way to approach the target basket. Such kind of discs have blunt edge, also fly shorter than fairway driver but provide more presice throw.

Putt and Approach

Offer more precise straight throw within 30 meter distance. Such kind of discs are more stable and can hit the target basket more easily compareing with the other two.

Material Category

Tiger line

As the basic material line, tiger line discs can suit any throw under any weather for players. Tigher Line golf discs own extraordinary coast performance, suit all level players.

Phoenix Stan
Phoenix Stan is made by advanced material with elaborated craft, has strong durability, transparent apperence, offer precise play experience.
Providing extraordinary throw experience, Phoenix suits the advanced players who is skillful.
Phoenix Shine: LED light at the center of the disc bottom
Phoenix Air: 140-160g
Phoenix Star: Highlight color added in the material
Phoenix Premium: More tansparent, soft and durable than Phoenix Stan

Dragon line

Dragon Line occupies the highest quality material of our products, not only has the same durability, but also has better catch experience and metal colored appearance. Dragon line provides precise flying track and high stability for the advanced players.

Tortoise line

Tortoise line is developed for Yikun’s overmold discs. These discs are constructed of two parts of plastic blends(core part and rim part). The rim part has higher density plastic than the core part in order to provide discs with larger rotational inertia than the traditional discs. Tortoise line discs are designed to fly further, straighter and more accurate.