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YiKun Sports is a professional supplier for disc sport equipments and sports service, which has independent innovative develop ability and professional produce ability. We put the load of supporting Chinese disc development on our shoulder, supply extraordinary sports equipments and professional services. After years of accumulate and revolution, the quality of sports equipment brands under YiKun Sports(UltiPro®优扑®极限飞盘;Yikun® 高尔夫飞盘;SpaceDog®空犬®狗飞盘;Waka®哇咔®花式飞盘) was recogniazed by over 30 countries’ clients. And also, was certified by World Flying Disc Fedaration, USA Ultimate and Professional Disc Golf Association.

We are keep developing trust-worthy dealers, agents and stores all over the world. If you are interested in coorperate with YiKun Sports, please contact us by:

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Parternership Event

A huge creative cooperation between flying disc sports and team building industry

2020 is the darkest year of “outdoor team building” industry due to the global epidemic situation.

On June 4, the strategic cooperation and sharing meeting of flying disc team building, hosted by Hangzhou Disc Culture and co-organized by Yikun Disc Sport, was held in Hangzhou. Leaders of team building industry in 21 provinces were invited to the meeting. It aims to seeking the joint point of team building and flying disc sports and help the recovery of the team building market and provide new impetus for the industry.

Global partner of famous disc  brand Discmania

On 14th February, the spetial Valentine’s Day, YiKun Sports became the famous disc brand Discmania’s global partner. Discmania annouced the partnership with YiKun Sports and released a series of products and stratygies plan in future. Discmania and YiKun Sports will devote their own advantages and work together for new products and promoting global disc sports development.

The secret of top-level profession Simon and Eagle Signed with Discmania was revealed with the news release. The reason why the two athlete interact with each other frequently on press before was obvious either, which cause heat discussion of global players.

Yikun Discs and Prodigy Disc in America reached agreement on global strategy cooperation

Yikun Discs and Prodigy Disc American reached agreement on global strategy cooperation to promote disc sports’ develop together. Each of us will devote our advantages on domestic and aboard products, services, recourses and techniques. We will work together on products inviting, teaching and training, competition executing, resources sharing, profession importing and technique coalescing to promote disc golf develop and apply domesticly.

The cooperation base on the exploiation ability, domestic recourses and execution ability of Yikun Sports, together with the advanced professional technique and abundant experioence on disc golf of Prodigy Disc. aim at exploit products more suitable for players and more innovative. At the same time, push disc golf to have more population basement in China. Import international essential competition and share selling recourses.

Yikun Sports Made 10-year Anniversary Discs for Yikun’s School Unniversity of Nottingham Ningbo China

Yikun Sports, as an entrepreneurship team, take social responsiability while developing business. We work with Peace Corps, China Rural Library, new education foundation and other NonGovenmental Organisation for long term, devote ourselves to the physical education development of remote area. Yikun Sports helped more than 100 senior high school on physical education, about 30 schools among them are taking discs as their PE courses. We provides the students discs equipments for free besides giving training and organising salon, which benefits other development country in Asia

The conveners of Yikun Sports is coorprating with their school- The University of Nottingham Ningbo China. We provides students intern and practice oppotunities, pass thier knowledges and skills to the next generations.

Yikun Ambassador Spring 2022

Great congratulations to those who are selected as Yikun ambassador for Spring 2022. We look forward to cooperating with you guys to develop disc sports as a representative of Yikun Discs. We’re grateful that so many disc golfers support our ambassador program. We would still like to have you as candidate for next round of selection. . Thanks so much again for all of our participants!